southern hides (ft. LizZza)

from by oldtrees x mri

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oldtrees ~ occasionally (daily..? (hourly..)) i enjoy a visit to my balcony, often times this is a post-12 o clock activity. i'm in a residential area, off the main road so one wouldn't think that there would be cars in the street at all times of night...and there isn't. the only fucking exception being when i visit the balcony to kiss a filter or two. what conclusions can we draw from this? --my ciggie activities and behaviours are actually being monitored as a part of an longitudinal sociological experiment. they are watching me. but fuck it i guess, just one more thing to write about whilst maintaining the vacuum of meaning i have been cultivating in my poetic endeavours for years... but fuck it.

mr.i ~ our man michael plays the keys to an anime whose name is on the tip of my tongue.... yet rolls off and into the cosmos. its name isn't too important anyway. we play on an electric imitation of a real life, wooden piano, connected to the wall feeding on electricity, in an empty hall with all but one light turned off. it definitely sets a mood, but i can't quite determine what it is. maybe i'll ask michael what show he was watching that day.


i went out the other night on my balcony
didn't see the southern cross in the sky
is she avoiding me?
cars stopped
performing sociological experiments
is there a ciggie in his hand?
then take off into a darkened land

port royal and ralph lauren
that's the scent
that's reminding me of him

i've scaled the rail to sit in the ceilings edge
fuck it's late fuck i ain't going to bed
fuck i ain't slowing in head
i hate the lowering of lids
awake for the longest
strongest resolve slowly dissolves
gradual relinquishing of total control
sickly clinging to an outdated promise
quickly growing dumbest
seems that i’ve been gone for the longest

and the pile of books is piling higher
losing time to my own desire
losing lines to my own lack of originality
bars formed, lost on the brink of sleep
i thought the fungus held the key

[chorus - lizzza]
oooooh did u fall into another dimension?
did you drift away?
needed some space inside your brain
sometimes these things are hard to maintain
i can relate

flying in reality
never saw what u ever saw in me
pupils dilate
and thoughts and dreams they fluctuate

take me to the sea
fly with me
get high with me
and then we'll see
then we we'll see was this the way things intended to be
yeah ah ohh

[verse 2]
i thought the fungus held the key
but I guess i was wrong
dusty old pages written before I was born
i can relate, drank milk past the due date

reflect on the day
look back to what i seen
empty bottles of visine, i knew i was late
reflect on the day,
i’m leaving nothing in my wake
and ironically it seems i stay awake
i stay away

the follicles on my scalp are a testament to the death of my cells
destined to watch the time pass now
'though it's slowly rolling faster

paradoxically the air i breathe is slowly killing me
i'm sorry
sometimes my fingers write different things than my mind means
there's a one in sixteen chance that i will not die in death
i'm not a gambling man but i'll take that bet
find a vessel that offers me better odds
and i promise i will not die in death

caught up in this web of symbolism
can't stop thinking what would i do if i wasn't living

[chorus - lizzza]
is this what you wanted, what u pictured when u promised
i'm trying my hardest
to be honest
i've been lost
in memories
tryna relocate
in the small synapses of my brain

synapses of my brain

flying in reality
sitting lonely in my tree
pupils dilate
and thoughts and dreams they fluctuate

take me to the sea
play hide and seek
get high with me and then we'll see
we might temporarily, believe that this was the way things intended to be.


from no need, released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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