ode to sunshine

from by oldtrees x mri

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oldtrees ~ this is for my sunshine (not THE sunshine...although it is pretty great). i fell in love and she flew away, leaving me to command the branches of the trees beyond my balcony to dance with me to the sweet sweet rhythms of To Pimp A Butterfly (a mycelium catalysed experience to be sure).

the crux of SAMPLING

there's so much i wish i could do. i wish i could play the violin, the drums, have a studio that isn't 2 metres from the bed i sleep in. but until then, i'll depend on haydn to play strings, depend on audio files left to gather digital dust by throwaway reddit accounts and depend on others to not get too concerned with the amount of time i spend wearing headphones, wired to machines.
where do i draw the line? are my beats even mine anymore? or are they an amalgamation of different pieces of a borrowed jigsaw puzzle (some are illegal, please dont take me to court i probably wont do it again)? fuck.

I suppose if it wanted to be purely mine I'll learn how to make drums from the wood of a tree (one that I grew myself) and see what happens from there.


Dance branches
Clouds cry for me
These raised arms
Catalyse the fulfilment of cathartic dreams

Pocket full of white sticks
Palm full of ash
Help me to be present
Catalyse a disconnect from the past

Twinkle twinkle little star
Across the globe
I feel your heart pressed up against mine own
The deepest of blue gemstones appears to have entwined our own fates
Or fate
Now, they have lost their pluralisation
A smile creeps up to my lips
A can see your sparkly face shining
Let us return to the nebula where we once hailed

Although you're across the globe
And once i was lost
Now I'm forever found
You've found me.

Happiness is resounding

Breathing a little easier
My scars healing a little quicker

No longer longing for death
I talk so much shit


from no need, released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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