i strive for gentleness

from by oldtrees x mri

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oldtrees ~ it's ridiculous how i preach gentleness -i won't squash beetle or a spider- but if a family members pushes me i am still likely to fly off the handle. its all this internal conflict. why preach a practice which is only selectively applied to ur life, this is u fucking cheating urself. if ur dieting, then ur dieting full stop no exceptions. if ur a smoker then fucking choof those cancerous motherfuckers n dont u dare talk about how u "really should quit" god damn it. it's all or nothing, or ur nothing at all. and who the fuck wants to be dust ?

mr.i ~ we produced this one in a room with walls of bright green carpet, on an old laptop of mine that had not seen usage in over three years. it was dustier than my dirtiest samples....oldtrees freestyled over the beat during its creation and it was fun, though it smelled like shit in there, so if you ever find that room be warned.

in the words of bob ross: 'a happy accident'.... transferring files across computers messed up the samples' start and end times, which to my surprise made it sound a little better and a lot spookier....


I refuse to break daddy's eight legs
Futile attempts at fostering gentleness
Furious on the worst days angry at best
I refuse to break daddy's eight legs

Habituated non-complacency
I attempt to plant my feed as seeds
As the trees grow
I'll wave as the train leaves
Is this not what meditation is

A humble man 'froed and orange robed came to me and asked
Is this not what meditation is

I refuse to break my daddy's eight legs

Coffee cups intended to interrupt the production of melatonin in my head

Caffeinated thought patterns woven into the fabric of my mattress
And as the sky red-shifts
I have not awoke yet
As I have not slept

I have watched my perception conform to the context
I have watched my perception change as the context waves to me

Waking consciousness is the sphere of being
Where I'm forced to sit still dealing with all this nonsense in my head
Fuck it is rather be stoned or dead

I refuse to break daddy's eight legs

And if we're talking along the lines of evolutionary time
Feel my phylogenetic branch more closely aligns
With that of the primates of older times
i'm over dying
i'm over lying


from no need, released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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