faux breeze

from by oldtrees x mri



oldtrees ~ i mean i guess this is just ur regular angst filled, sad boy type'o song.. written along time ago, buried by years and excavated from the evernote for this tape.

a collection of off-thought (past their used by date) and one-liners most likely thunk up in the shower n seamlessly patchworked together by urs truly (oldtrees) //and thats one other thing about me, i do love a fucking good paradox..


mr.i ~ if you're ever overseas, cafes have a wonderful atmosphere. the chatter of foreign language. i struggle just to pick words here and there. what they say will forever be a mystery to me. the drone of passing traffic is something I always hear too. where are these countless people going, at all hours of the day and night? i don't know. do they? let's hope so.


rhymes on the low-key
oh and love too
if i don't speak it's not cos i'm salty
i’m just afraid to, what scares you

my confidence left for the colder months
it's no joke i’m scared dumb
now the flowers are grown and she’s still gone
i’m learning, trust no one

i woke up this morning feeling furthest from goal goals
sadness and lone
fallen from grace
and grasping at hope
and hope is the ugly cousin of disappointment and despair
analogous to the desires riddling the fabric of the chair in sitting in
ceiling dripping
serotonin syndrome that requires a ciggie in the lip of my soul

too close to the synchronicity to observe it objectively
too close to be seen
too close to you too close to me

decades of secrets in my evernote

needless to say
so i won’t


from no need, released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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