dishonourous ode to manchild

from by oldtrees x mri

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oldtrees ~ an angel of mine (lillington) sent me a link to this band Crywank (a highly recommended like songs to cry and relate to). so im walking down the street, buds in ears listening to their album Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday and Everyday Is Stupid. there's this song which is playing (Leech Boy) about how useless this dude is at adult life and i'm like heavy relating to it at this point and then BAM "...introducing man child" he sings. wow.
this is my response to that song. also milo's folk-metaphysics has undoubtably played a part on influencing this songs creation//and flow too.

mr.i ~ the first track done is the one to end the tape. i take an interest in filmmaking, and can say with confidence most films aren't shot in order either. it sort of seems artificial and 'created' as opposed to a natural, organic flow of ideas from this perspective, with all of these processes being draped behind a black curtain just to be represented by a few words in the credits, which noone stays back to appreciate anyway. music and film moves too fast for it to be enjoyed for too long....
(i wonder how many plays this relic of me and trees' past will have when we are no more)


I strive to brush my teeth more than twice a week, I fail
To muster the effort required to flush the toilet every time, I fail
To reach the standards of common convention;

I forget to shave seven times a week,
I neglect to feed this yellowing frame,
I forgot leave this room for days on end,
I forgot to see the signs that the days have ended,

I forgot to press the save key,
I disregard the dwindling number on
the atm screen
And when it all seems too much for me I give up

I am too quick to quit the difficult
Take my medicine to late to be combative
I didn't see it first so I'm on the defensive
But I guess the objective was sedation
I guess its spoken word has taken the place of bars on bars

A poem

I've failed,
This is not a song

[outro - mr.i]


from no need, released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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