no need

by oldtrees x mri

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[decades of secrets from my evernote]
no need/
_faux breeze
__southern hides
___take leave

____sore mind
_____cri me : [dead bodies in] a river
______i strive for gentleness
_______ode to sunshine
________dishonorous ode to manchild


released March 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mri Melbourne, Australia

aka {mr inhabitant}

genre {beats}

fav colour {green shoutout to green best colour}{pinks cool too though}

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Track Name: /
you thought you could escape?
its too late
its too late
its too late

become enveloped in this language of fate
Track Name: faux breeze
rhymes on the low-key
oh and love too
if i don't speak it's not cos i'm salty
i’m just afraid to, what scares you

my confidence left for the colder months
it's no joke i’m scared dumb
now the flowers are grown and she’s still gone
i’m learning, trust no one

i woke up this morning feeling furthest from goal goals
sadness and lone
fallen from grace
and grasping at hope
and hope is the ugly cousin of disappointment and despair
analogous to the desires riddling the fabric of the chair in sitting in
ceiling dripping
serotonin syndrome that requires a ciggie in the lip of my soul

too close to the synchronicity to observe it objectively
too close to be seen
too close to you too close to me

decades of secrets in my evernote

needless to say
so i won’t
Track Name: southern hides (ft. LizZza)
i went out the other night on my balcony
didn't see the southern cross in the sky
is she avoiding me?
cars stopped
performing sociological experiments
is there a ciggie in his hand?
then take off into a darkened land

port royal and ralph lauren
that's the scent
that's reminding me of him

i've scaled the rail to sit in the ceilings edge
fuck it's late fuck i ain't going to bed
fuck i ain't slowing in head
i hate the lowering of lids
awake for the longest
strongest resolve slowly dissolves
gradual relinquishing of total control
sickly clinging to an outdated promise
quickly growing dumbest
seems that i’ve been gone for the longest

and the pile of books is piling higher
losing time to my own desire
losing lines to my own lack of originality
bars formed, lost on the brink of sleep
i thought the fungus held the key

[chorus - lizzza]
oooooh did u fall into another dimension?
did you drift away?
needed some space inside your brain
sometimes these things are hard to maintain
i can relate

flying in reality
never saw what u ever saw in me
pupils dilate
and thoughts and dreams they fluctuate

take me to the sea
fly with me
get high with me
and then we'll see
then we we'll see was this the way things intended to be
yeah ah ohh

[verse 2]
i thought the fungus held the key
but I guess i was wrong
dusty old pages written before I was born
i can relate, drank milk past the due date

reflect on the day
look back to what i seen
empty bottles of visine, i knew i was late
reflect on the day,
i’m leaving nothing in my wake
and ironically it seems i stay awake
i stay away

the follicles on my scalp are a testament to the death of my cells
destined to watch the time pass now
'though it's slowly rolling faster

paradoxically the air i breathe is slowly killing me
i'm sorry
sometimes my fingers write different things than my mind means
there's a one in sixteen chance that i will not die in death
i'm not a gambling man but i'll take that bet
find a vessel that offers me better odds
and i promise i will not die in death

caught up in this web of symbolism
can't stop thinking what would i do if i wasn't living

[chorus - lizzza]
is this what you wanted, what u pictured when u promised
i'm trying my hardest
to be honest
i've been lost
in memories
tryna relocate
in the small synapses of my brain

synapses of my brain

flying in reality
sitting lonely in my tree
pupils dilate
and thoughts and dreams they fluctuate

take me to the sea
play hide and seek
get high with me and then we'll see
we might temporarily, believe that this was the way things intended to be.
Track Name: take leave
O2 envious of the lung space occupied by other air
Lines to long to be considered bars so I guess I'm writing a poem here
Hit the balcony to see sociological experiments still being performed
Contemplating the negative imprinting performed upon myself since the day I was born
And looking for ways to evade these negative connotations which spring to mind
Innate judgments on sight that I disagree with consciously
Who's placed these thoughts up on me

I light my footsteps with my phone torch step lightly
Tracking tiptoed footprints the clouds wept left behind me

My spine hosts a marathon of chilled feet
Stared blankly til I saw green
Or nothing at all
Hope is the hole in the wall too small to squeeze through
I hope your day went grey when it was suppose to be blue

Let me out
I'm not dead yet
Tunnel to the surface
I'm not dead yet
Undergrounds no place for me
Earth please
Haven't seen the surface in a minute
Soil, dirt release me
Ahh no need
Inhale deep
I'm decomposing
Return to the earth
Skin crumbles
Bones broken
No spoken
Words or written verse
Can offer salvation
My Mind body and soul
Are all, beyond saving

I'm whatever the opposite of heaven be
I'm breathing so heavily

Oh this evil being
Sing evil do-er melodies for me
Track Name: sore mind (ft. gabriel)
and all cries for saviour ring in spontaneous echolalia
I speak in tautological statements
Speak in broken fables lacking morals and
Stolen from the pieces of the art forms I'm inhabiting
Out in the air this milo tin full of cancer that I'm carrying around
This insidious sound
This comic is sad
This arrogant man
Proud and reclusive
I've lied
I've self-defined growth actually unapparent/it's useless
To lie to yourself
The harder you try to hide a thing the more it sticks out
And they say the hammer gets the stray nail
They say the snow don't fall where the salt fell

They say the sickness slowing with a pocket full of purple n posey
You don't know it but it's actually the withhold of impulse
Which signifies your own control
Knowing when to stop and doing so it's not restricting
It's actually the definition of freedom
It's actually the definition of free living

Hear the jangle of my gold chain
Feel the tripping of my loose lace
And pray
for the silence that I'm sending to grave
Hear the jangle of the loose change

Feel the tripping of my loose lace
And pray
for the silence that I'm sending to grave
Hear the jangle of the loose change

Fuck that I stay the same

[verse2 - gabriel]


Sometimes my absence astounds my self
I speak in lack of sounds
I crave observation yet fain neglect participation
I am the observer in the truest sense
These words of the weakened n bars for the dead

These milo tins are full of cancer that I'm carrying around
This soul in the dirt
This mind on the ground
This' angry neighbors with noise complaints
This sounds like old shirts with pasta stains/and moth holes
I'm not so sorry as I should be
Saltier than cured meat and far less appetising
Hardly disguising disdain but sensitive
Look upon this sleeves salt stains is evident
It's irrelevant sentiment
It's a fella who's dead again
It's a soldier who's weapon is love
and flowers for grace
An aura of orange
It's already been done
The love of the mother in spite of the son
It's all already been done

You'd think I was a pirate because of the pieces I ate
I'm melting now
I saw the softest cloud, ever mirrored in brain

As i lay here in the dark
Listening to the place where the silence goes
Growing my sleep
Adjusting my toes, I think of you
So now I'm not sleeping
I reach for my phone
A self-defeating action in its own right
It's almost not night

I guess it's about time that I laid here cried and died
Track Name: cri me : [dead bodies in] a river (part ii)
[verse 1]
in a perpetual state of existential crisis
I'm not the same as I used to be
i been growing my roots
i ain't growing my leaves
Seems I always come back to the same rhyme word
Sheep of the Shepard and king of the herd
Man fuck what you heard
long to join the birds/ up there
There's no words up there
there's no miscommunication
tried to leave my thoughts at the station
Destined to fail
always taking the trail
Watching the rail
longing for stasis
Habitually non-complacent
Literally just another stained head
Destined to walk this earth
Born by the air to return to the dirt

Earths just the womb of the dying
Birth me already to another place
Those that meditate hit the grave and they stay the same

Hit the grave
Stay the same

often times meditation leads to hesitation
mind shift n change
hit the grave, in they end the same
this the lack of weight n health accompany
the lack of faith in self confronting me
i turn to wave to the past n its lost company away

hit the grave
stay the same
Track Name: i strive for gentleness
I refuse to break daddy's eight legs
Futile attempts at fostering gentleness
Furious on the worst days angry at best
I refuse to break daddy's eight legs

Habituated non-complacency
I attempt to plant my feed as seeds
As the trees grow
I'll wave as the train leaves
Is this not what meditation is

A humble man 'froed and orange robed came to me and asked
Is this not what meditation is

I refuse to break my daddy's eight legs

Coffee cups intended to interrupt the production of melatonin in my head

Caffeinated thought patterns woven into the fabric of my mattress
And as the sky red-shifts
I have not awoke yet
As I have not slept

I have watched my perception conform to the context
I have watched my perception change as the context waves to me

Waking consciousness is the sphere of being
Where I'm forced to sit still dealing with all this nonsense in my head
Fuck it is rather be stoned or dead

I refuse to break daddy's eight legs

And if we're talking along the lines of evolutionary time
Feel my phylogenetic branch more closely aligns
With that of the primates of older times
i'm over dying
i'm over lying
Track Name: ode to sunshine
Dance branches
Clouds cry for me
These raised arms
Catalyse the fulfilment of cathartic dreams

Pocket full of white sticks
Palm full of ash
Help me to be present
Catalyse a disconnect from the past

Twinkle twinkle little star
Across the globe
I feel your heart pressed up against mine own
The deepest of blue gemstones appears to have entwined our own fates
Or fate
Now, they have lost their pluralisation
A smile creeps up to my lips
A can see your sparkly face shining
Let us return to the nebula where we once hailed

Although you're across the globe
And once i was lost
Now I'm forever found
You've found me.

Happiness is resounding

Breathing a little easier
My scars healing a little quicker

No longer longing for death
I talk so much shit
Track Name: dishonourous ode to manchild
I strive to brush my teeth more than twice a week, I fail
To muster the effort required to flush the toilet every time, I fail
To reach the standards of common convention;

I forget to shave seven times a week,
I neglect to feed this yellowing frame,
I forgot leave this room for days on end,
I forgot to see the signs that the days have ended,

I forgot to press the save key,
I disregard the dwindling number on
the atm screen
And when it all seems too much for me I give up

I am too quick to quit the difficult
Take my medicine to late to be combative
I didn't see it first so I'm on the defensive
But I guess the objective was sedation
I guess its spoken word has taken the place of bars on bars

A poem

I've failed,
This is not a song

[outro - mr.i]